MNA Infite

Graphics for Flash game

MNA_infite on an iPad
MNA Infite preloader
MNA Infite characters
MNA Infite choose your weapon
MNA Infite whack ’em!
MNA Infite score

Midland New Association hold lots of consumer data which they sell to companies to help them target people more likely to buy their product or service. This had been produced previously as a physical manual but they wanted to gradually move online so that the data could be more easily accessed and updated. The brief was to create something which encouraged people to use the new website.


A flash game hosted on their website. Graphics were produced my myself and then passed on to a Flash developer to produce the final game. The graphics were based on fictional characters within MNA and, to encourage people to play, the top high scorers received a prize for a set period after launch. The website was called MNA Insite and the game was called MNA Infite.




Illustrator | Photoshop